All of our brooches are beautifully packaged, so they make a great gift.

If you can't congratulate in person, we can enclose a card with your message for the person receiving it and send the package to any city.

Gift wrapping is included in the price of the order.

Standard packaging: cardboard box decorated with tapes with a business card and a postcard. The top is packed in a poupyrchy wrap, which protects from mechanical influences.


Delivery is a separate service and is carried out by delivery services. Our brand is not responsible for damage to the packaging during transportation.

If there are several brooches in the order and you want each brooch to be packed in a separate box — write about it in the comments to the order.

Limited edition collection completed with premium branded boxes with magnetic lock.

Brooches care recommendations
By following the care recommendations, you will keep the original look of the brooch.

  • store the product in a box with the product unfolded;
  • avoid direct sunlight and water on the product;
  • take care of flowers from mechanical actions;
  • if the brooch gets dirty, it is necessary to clean it with a damp cloth / cotton disk;
  • if the pollution is strong, cut off the spoiled fabric in the shape of the petal;
  • if the petals are bachrome, cut off the threads with scissors;
  • do not wash brooches;
  • avoid putting pressure on the brooch.

Brooch recovery
If your brooch has lost its original look — brooch restoration costs $20.

In order for us to evaluate whether the restoration is possible or not - send a photo to

Shipping in both directions at the buyer's expense.