Brands in Ekaterinburg with a passion for fashion mission

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Marina Kravets, presenter

The show «Brighter Than Stars» | Episode 8
The presenter is wearing blouse with petals black →

Oksana Kozyreva, presenter

The show «Apartment Question» →
The presenter is wearing brooch peony sky blue 20cm →

Olga Shu, stylist and blogger

The show «What's in the casket» →

Award «Shopping of the Year 2023»

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Irina Dubtsova «For Us»

Concert for the 80th anniversary of the liberation of Donbass →

Maria Kiseleva, presenter

Show «Get Out!» | Episode 6 →

Model Anastasia Kova with Big Brooch on the cover of Harper's BAZAAR magazine

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Timur Rodriguez «Snail Oracle»

The show «Candy» | Episode 4 →

Kristina Orbakaite and her daughter took part in a commercial for Rive Gauche

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Alexander Panayotov and Anastasia Spiridonova «We'll Meet the New Year with You»

Big holiday concert «Our New Year» →

Award «Shopping of the Year 2022»

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Collaboration with «IMIRAGE magazine»

IMIRAGE magazine website →

Timur Rodriguez, presenter

JARA MUSIC AWARDS 2024 on Youtube →
The presenter is wearing a Brooch Raptor gold → 

Alexander Rogov, stylist

Makeover show «Rogov in the City» | Episode 8

Eldar Hakimov, DJ

Vocal grand show «Let's all in one!» →

Irina Dubtsova «About Him»

Star Factory 20 Years Later →

The most coveted accessory that Sharon Stone couldn't resist

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6 simple formulas for impressive evening outs

Youtube-channel of stylist Marianna Eliseeva →

Timur Rodriguez, showman

The show «The mask. Dance» | Episode 10 →

Everyone will want to wear: 6 trends from Rogov for spring-summer 2022

Online boutique portal «I BUY» →

How to wear a black jacket in Chanel style

Youtube channel ROGOV LIVE →

Alexander Rogov, stylist

Makeover show «Rogov+» | Episode 1
Makeover show «Rogov+» | Episode 2
Makeover show «Rogov+» | Episode 5
Makeover show «Rogov+» | Episode 6

Sati Kazanova, singer

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Ruffles, flounces, pleats: how to spend the summer dressed up?

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